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     For over 20 years, I have dedicated my life to leading churches to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. Over that period, I've been blessed to discern and grow the adaptive gifts needed for encouraging and teaching the church how to engage in what comes next so that her ministry maintains revelvancy and meaning in a turbulent world.


I grew up in the church. I was lucky. I would fall asleep listening to my mother practicing hymns on the piano for the choir she directed. And hearing my Uncle debate theology with the family from his work as an episcopal priest. My first taste of communion wine was handed to me by my great aunt, who with a look of seriousness only someone born in Lebanon could achieve, grounded me in the power that the Grace of God could have on my life. 
Serving in the church for over 20 years has taught more about that same power, the loving kindness we canhave for each other even as we debate or disagree, and the sweet and heartfelt movement of our hymns and worship songs. 

My ministry has always been centerd on greeting people at their current moment, and encouraging them to move forward in faith as they seek to negotiate the changes and experiences that life has for us all. 

My family and I have lived in the Richmond area for 12 years, and love to get out on the river in our canoe, hike with our dog Figgy, and play outside. My wife Leah is our resident artist and research expert who enjoys eating tasty Richmond foods and the occasional podcast mystery. Our daughter Amara loves all forms of art and keeps us on our toe with her ice skatting, kung fu and love of chorus. In my spare time I love to write short stories and game modules as well as doing a fair bit of gardening, canoeing and riding my bike with family.

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