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Hailing from a small town WV, my life was filled with my church family. My mother was a church choir director, my uncle was a pastor, and my brother and I were underfoot at every service. In college, while majoring in History and Sociology I was elected as the Christian Life Council Chaplain, which served the whole school creating worship services and being an open ear to the spiritual concerns and cares of the community.

After college, I served as the Youth and Fellowship director for First Presbyterian Church in Charleston, WV. We had a bustling youth program and 14 basketball teams that were only a part of our overall sports ministry program. From there, my wife Leah and I moved to Greensboro, NC where I served at Buffalo Presbyterian in a new position as the Director of Youth and Family Ministries. Before coming to seminary I served at Prospect Presbyterian Church in Mooresville, NC as their DCE. It was this church that supported me through my time in seminary, and it was here that we had our daughter, Amara in 2012.


More recently in Richmond, VA, I have served as the Associate of Education at Grace Covenant Presbyterian, and am currently serving the church family at Three Chopt Presbyterian Church as their pastor and head of staff. Additionally, I've been blessed to work closely with Shalom Farms, a food organization that brings healthy options to Richmond's urban population and works in the city for food advocacy, and the Richmond Peace Education Center. Richmond is a vibrant community with a lot of bifurcation and pain. In the past 6 years, I've devoted myself to training in trauma healing and conflict resolution and have been working with the Richmond chapter of Coming to the Table, and have been passionate about being a leader with our presbytery's Dismantling Racism group.


Living in and being raised in the mountains have made their mark on me in the form of musical interests and recreational activities. Our family gardens, hikes, camps, stargazes, picks a banjo and canoes with the best of them any chance we get. I am excited to see how God will use my leadership alongside new ministries in the coming years.


Why "Speaking in the midst?"

Several verses from scripture reveal that God's voice and presence are heard and felt from the midst of darkness, or fear, or fire. God has a practice of speaking to the people from their current place, not from a lofty place on high. When I speak or preach, I endeavor to bring God's truth in the same way.

Deut 5:23, Deut 4:33

richmond va pastor

Keynote Leadership

Middle School Conference

Massanetta Springs, Harrisonburg VA

Men's Retreat

First Presbyterian Morganton, NC

held at Camp Grier

High School Retreat

Presbytery of Eastern VA, held at

Camp Makeme Woods, VA

Family Retreat

Buffalo Presbyterian Church, held at Mount Shepherd Retreat Center, Asheboro, NC

Keynote Philosiphy/Write up

Mid High Conference - 6 point arc

4 Keynote and 2 worship

Download PDF of Retreat ARC here

Sr High Weekend Retreat - 4 point arc

3 Keynote and 1 worship

Download PDF of Retreat ARC here

Download Devotional Handout

Men's Conference - 3 day +Campfire Worship

Series of Conference talks, small groups, and worship together, informal setting

Download workbook PDF here

Alexis Young, VA

“You spoke to us in a way that engaged our students - we heard God claiming us through your ministry! "

James Morgtern, NJ

"Christopher's passion and theatrical background kept our attention and backed it up with amazing Biblical knoweledge. It was impressive.

Lisa Schriver, MA

"One of our conference goers was in crisis. Not only did he adjust the keynote on the fly so that the message spoke gently and powerfully, afterwards he came to personally offer care."

Mornings With Max!

(kids series  during 2020)

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