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The Muppets aren't Evil

Franklin Grahm. Shame on you. "Tonight ABC is premiering a new “mature version” of the Muppets that reports say will cover a range of topics from sex to drugs to “inter-species relationships” with no subject being off limits" - FG

Franklin, Gonzo has always loved those chickens. And he will always love them. #lovewins #camillaandgonzoforever

Here's the thing:

Franklin Graham came out [before the new Muppets show actually aired mind you, before he had ever seen it. That's an important point] with this tweet : "I applaud the group One Million Moms for speaking out against the new Muppets and urging parents to call on ABC to take it off the air."

Coming out about a show you haven't watched is ludicrous. What this means is that FG is only responding to the hype. And he is joining in on a story already in the eye of media. Why? What purpose does this serve? It's not to give his opinion, because he can't do that because he tweeted this at 3 in the afternoon and the show aired at 8pm. What it looks like, is that FG is trying to soak up as much media attention as he can by joining in on a popular discussion already in progress.

First off, there is nothing wrong with media re-emerging as something new and different. Using a "children's" brand to make something for adults is totally new though right? I mean no one else has tried to capitalize on the 80's generation who is all grown up into the consumer class of America. We haven't done that before. Oh Wait...

Where were FG tweets about the Transformers movie that talked about underage girls dating guys who were too old for them? Where was his righteous outrage then? No? Nothing? But why does the new Muppet Show have to "adult" in nature? Kermit start the show with the line, in a sarcastic form, "Hmp. Time to get things started." Who is that line for? Is that for kids? Is that the big blowout opening that my generation grew up with watching the Muppet Show? No. It's a reference for that same generation. A nod. An inside joke. No-one who hasn't seen the original get's that line. It's setting the tone and the scene to say, "Hey, this show is for 30 year olds." This is for adults. And guess what. The Muppet Show was kinda always for adults. They had movie stars and comedians and musical guests no kid would have ever heard of. The jokes went over our heads and were a reflection of time and were not thought out to be moral sensitive for kids. Where in the world did anyone get the idea that the Muppet show as supposed to be this clean safe environment for children? That's why they made Sesame Street.

In the original Muppet show Ms. Piggy calls other's "Old Stupid," when a male pig get's body switched into Piggy's body he starts feeling himself up and Piggy has to say "Hey watch it, don't you dare touch you.." In Muppet labs, Bunsen Honeydew regularly sets Beaker on fire, poisons him, dismembers him. The Muppets joke about cross dressing, mental illness, and physical abuse. Hey, guess what: remember when ALICE COOPER was on the Muppet Show? Yeah. It's not a show for kids. It never has been. It doesn't have to be. The only reason ABC had to say anything about the tone of the show being more "Adult" was just to cover them if nostalgic parents forgot that "Muppet Show" wasn't for kids to begin with. In reality the new Muppet show is just a return to what they once were after the sanitizing effect different studios have had on the franchise since Jim passed away. It airs at 8pm. The Muppet show followed the genre of the time. It was coming out after things like the Sonny and Cher Show, The Flip Wilson Show, The Dean Martin Hour. And what is this? Lo and behold the new Muppet Show looks just like the shows we see today. A 4th wall breaking, "The Office" style situation comedy. It's the same thing. The Muppet Show historically misses the mark sometimes with its jokes, and sometimes really gets me laughing. As a show it can be unfunny, it can be poorly written, but it is not an evil heretofore unknown in this world. It's not something Christians need to "beware," and it's certainly nothing more than it ever has been. Calling Kermit evil makes FG look like an insane person. If Franklin Grahm were really concerned about something aside form his own personal fame, then he would also be speaking out against football on TV, which gets young kids to play a dangerous sport that has no moral value except entertainment and encourages gambling. He could come out against the portrayal of God's children in police and murder drama's which reduce hurting people who are prostitutes or on drugs to hurtful stereotypes. There are a lot of things Franklin could spend his time and energy fighting, and there is a lot of good in the world that he does achieve. But jumping on the Million Mom's March bandwagon, before the show even aired just as it was about to premier makes him look like a media hound of the worst and most despicable degree. It makes him look like a joke. Quoting scripture on top of that is a disgusting misuse of God's word.

"Their agenda is to promote sin to a younger and younger audience. I applaud the group One Million Moms for speaking out against this and urging parents to call on ABC to take it off the air. The Bible says, 'Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.' That goes for Kermit the Frog as well!" - FG

He quotes in his tweets from Isiah 50:20. Not only is it a vile way to twist the Word of God to suite your argument, but the very next verse say "Woe to those who are clever in their own sight, and wise in their own eyes."

Kermit the Frog -- Obviously Satanic

When you make comments on things that you haven't seen. When you miss the mark on the history of a show that has always had adult themes. When you made utterly ridiculous statements about "trans-species" relationship in regard to puppets and agree with people who have a problem with Kermit the Frog's nudity... I don't need to find a way to "defeat" FG on this. The real word of Holy Scripture did it for me thousands of years ago.

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