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It's an important part of life...

Having our children in worship is something that folks usually have two opinions about.

Is having a kid’s service radically different than the adult service catering to them in “worship-entertainment” or is it meeting their specific learning style?

Does having them in the main service of worship bore them, or is it laying down foundational structures that they will use in life, and not just in worship?

I tend to land gently in the middle.

Kids learn differently. That’s a fact. Their development isn’t prepared for the deep introspection and emotional connection that the modern church service expects from folks (contemporary or traditional styles equally!).

Having a time when kids can experience elements of worship in a comfortable place in which they can respond with answers, ask questions, participate in the formation of the worship itself speaks to them on the same learning level that they have come to expect from early school rhythms.

Similarly, there is also a great value in our children being in the central service of worship. They need desperately to see the family value the order of worship together as something important and integral that is central to the family life.

Think of kids going on vacation. They don’t know all the details about the trip. How long it will take, the cost or the planning and sacrifice the adults went through to make it happen. They know the shared joy sure, but they also pick up on the family excitement. The period of looking forward to, and the reminiscent period after looking at photos and remembering time spent in love solidifies the event in the child’s mind as something wonderful, worthy, and important.

The same is true for church. Making sure our kids know that worship is an important joyful experience. Letting them see our eagerness in getting ready on Sunday morning or Saturday night, and reflecting back on the experience with happiness is all part of them knowing that worship is an important part of their faith life. Like all other things, they might not get it all at once, but be sure that they are learning, and watching.

Bringing our kids into the great house of God is one of the best things we can do for them.

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